Meet M&K

We’re Mark and Katie Hudson, experienced and professional wedding photographers and videographers from Melbourne, Australia.


About Mark

Mark first studied photography more than twenty years ago in the USA, where he focused on black and white film photography.  His first love is photographing people, capturing their personalities, emotions, moments and memories in a single flash of a still image, letting that one photograph tell a multitude of stories.

These days, Mark divides his time between his twin passions of photography and videography, often working on projects which combine the two in new and creative ways.  He is a highly experienced wedding videographer with exceptional skill in editing video to create engaging, beautiful narratives which capture the story and experience of the day.


About Katie

Katie has been obsessed with photography since she was a teenager, first working with film and creative dark room exposures, before moving, like Mark, to working entirely with digital photography.  Her passion is the candid shot, that stolen image captured at the precise moment and telling the story of its subjects, catching that brief, momentary expression or gesture or smile.

She is an experienced video camera operator and brings the creativity and subtlety of her still photographic work to her video work, using the same aesthetic and creative eye when capturing the moving image as with the still one.  Her artistic flair and appreciation for detail combine to create striking and emotionally moving images.